Standing Fox - 3 x 2 Inch Stamp

$ 30.00

Fabulous fox stamp.

We make some of our favorite designs to sell at a reduced rate, like this one!  We call these our “stock stamps.”  Because these are made in large batches, we can price these lower than our personalized “custom stamps.”   

 For an added fee, I can customize this or any other stamp for you!


 I also make “custom stamps” using unique designs our clients send us, including sketches, vector files, photographs, and even doodles!  For example, we can even customize this design by adding text, names, dates, or other logos, for an added fee. 

Just visit our STAMP GUIDE at for details, or message me through Etsy or at if you need a “custom stamp”!  

Our unique stamps are made with high quality, durable craftsmanship. Take good care of your stamp, and it will last for years!  Thanks for visiting our shop—it is a joy to work with you! 


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