Oyster Rubber Stamp - 2x3 Inches

$ 15.00

Our oyster stamp is great for decorating restaurant menus, wrapping paper, wedding menus, and anything else you want to slap an oyster on!  

When I was little that scene from Alice in Wonderland with the Oyster-hungry Walrus used to terrify me.  However, now that I am grown and can appreciate a good Oyster, I am afraid I’ve become the very Walrus I was terrified of.

Living in Georgia, I'm not too far from the Atlantic shores, or the Gulf of Mexico - plenty of Oysters around here!  Whenever I drive down to the ocean I see shacks dotting the marshes and warfs selling Apalachicola oysters on the half shell.  Oysters not only taste great, but the are also vital to filtering the ocean water and keeping our shoreline ecosystem in tact.  In light of that, I only gobble them up once in a blue moon  :)



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