(For Anna Maria) - Six Custom Stamps, as in Description

$ 240.00

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” – George Bernard Shaw

1.  Brand Logo Stamp.   Here I would need a female lion´s head wearing a crown about 2 1/2’’ large, so I would be interested in you designing that.

                                        My clothing will be sent to customers in a cardboard box or a heavy paper carton no larger than 20’’X14’’X 3’’.

                                        This stamp would be put directly on the outside of the box on the surface.

2.  Brand Name Stamp.   CONTROL FREAK       Here I`d need a stamp about 6’’X1 3/4’’ approx. with the just mentioned text on it.

3.  A stamp   ‘Thank You’    to be put on a card inside the package. 2 1/2’’X 1 1/2 approx.

4.  A stamp   ‘Gracias’     to be put on a card inside the package.  2 1/2’’X1 1/2 approx.

5.  Brand Logo B    Another stamp with a full female lion’s body and crown in profile to be put on one side of a calling card occupying roughly 3/4 of the space of the card.

6.  Brand Name Stamp (same as above) + webpage address for the other side of a calling card taking up 3/4 approx. of the space.