0.5"x0.5" Custom Bubble Stamp

$ 20.00

Our custom Bubble Stamps are created from smooth glass dome handles with a clear polymer rubber die. These elegant stamps make a jewel of a tool for any studio, workshop, office, desk, or kitchen. They also make lovely gifts! The handles are transparent for perfect positioning and the round handle makes stamping a breeze. They even catch the sunlight like a small jewel.

Our custom stamps work great for logos, business cards, gifts, wedding invites, and countless other creative endeavors.  We’d love to help you tell your story using personalized stamps!

Just follow these three easy steps to order your custom stamp:

1. Purchase the listing for the desired stamp size. 
2. Send your design file to standardstampco@gmail.com. *
3. Relax while I create your custom stamp! 

* You can send us a PDF, JPG, PSD, PNG, EPS, AI file, hand sketch or Photo! 

Just let me know if you don’t see the stamp size you need and I can send you a custom listing!

Visit our other collections and listings for hundreds of unique and beautiful stock stamps, all sizes of custom stamps, and other items such as handles made of wood, acrylic block, or glass domes, diverse colors of ink for stamping, and specialty papers.  Simply message me if you have a question!  We are here to help  :)

Our unique stamps are made with high quality, durable craftsmanship. Take good care of your stamp, and it will last for years! We can create custom stamps from almost any image, sketch, drawing, design file, photograph, or doodle.  

Thanks for visiting our shop—it is a pleasure to work with you!  

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