Animals Make Versatile Stamps! January 30 2015

Let's face it, we all love animals.  Many of us have pets, maybe dogs or cats, perhaps something more exotic, such as a turtle, a parrot, or even a monkey or pig!  Whether we have pets or not, we find ourselves fascinated by the wild world of the animal kingdom.  Just think about the adrenaline rush of watching a great white shark blast from the ocean in pursuit of a seal (or surfer--yikes!), or the majestic beauty of an elk or elephant striding across its domain.  Custom rubber animal stamps give us a way to celebrate the diversity of our world in endless ways.  You can use custom animal stamps to decorate invitations or thank you notes.  Give small custom stamps with a colorful ink pad to children-or adults-as a party favor, or let them use the stamps to decorate for the party, wedding, or other event.  One of the great uses we've seen for animal stamps is to customize coffee coasters, on card stock or cloth as well as on wooden disks or permanent plastic designs.  A protest group ordered various stamps to decorate their helmets--imagine doing so to protest destruction of the rain forest, helmets with monkeys, tapirs, and jaguars adorning them!  Put the animals on your books, your backpack, or your kayak.  Use our animal stamps to make your statement!

Beef cow is just right for a BBQ invitation or on dinner place settings.

Let this baby chick peck along your tags or personal notes to friends.

Are you a Bulldog fan, or just like great stamps? This works either way!

What a cool camel!  Stationery, conference folders, anything else.