Steampunk is Everywhere! July 10 2014

Steampunk is showing up all over!  From clothes and fashions to movies such as Sherlock Holmes, steampunk is one of the hottest fashion and statement trends around.  So what is steampunk? It is basically mashing together a Victorian sensibility with technology.  A kitschy Victorian gear-fest!  It's so popular now, I'm surprised my spell check identifies the word as an error.  Steampunk is a fashion statement, an attitude, a vibe.  One great way to share your steampunk dreams with the world is to use steampunk branding tools, like incredibly detailed rubber stamps.  This selection gives a good overview:


Steampunk Santa!

And what's steampunk without top hat and goggles!

Find your way around the steampunk world--then chart a new course!

Ultimate steampunk!

Narnia steampunk!  :)