Crazy Raccoons on Jekyll Island! July 01 2014

Our two oldest sons recently went camping on Jekyll Island off the southern coast of Georgia.  Wonderful experience!  The campground was located near Driftwood Beach, and amazing forest of stark trees, trunks, and limbs skewed at crazy angles across the beach.  If is a bizarrely beautiful sight, the black trunks angled against the white sands, green woods behind and blue-gray ocean before it, white-topped waves crashing on the beach.  Driftwood is one of the most popular spots for weddings in that region of the country due to its remarkable and unique beauty.  From their campground, the fellows and their two cousins enjoyed walking to the beach, biking across the island, and visiting the bird sanctuary near their campsite.  One thing they hadn’t counted on, however, were the raccoons, crazy raccoons!


Sure, they knew there would be raccoons, and they saw armadillos even before they set up their tent.  What they didn’t anticipate was adventure in the morning resulting from thievery during the night.  The rascally raccoons took my oldest son’s wallet during the night with more than 200 cash.  Luckily, after beating their way through the palmetto forest, they found the cash scattered across the ground and the wallet—dripping with raccoon saliva.  All’s well that ends well—I guess.  These stamps help retell the story: