Southern Culture Makes a Great Motif for Weddings, Parties, and Gifts! June 27 2014

Lewis Grizzard once said, 'There's no such think as being too southern."  And Hershel Walker stated, “I’m a Southerner, and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m proud of it.”


What Lewis, Herschel, and millions others know is that there's something special about the South, something special about a Southern way of life.  The South has a distinct culture, its own character, a unique heritage. This fact lends itself to a clear southern motif, including lots of great images for memories and events.  We've gathered lots of great images from all across the southern spectrum.  These work great for all kinds of uses!


I think a southern themed wedding along one of the barrier islands would be a memorable event. A craft beer company themed in southern style would be great fun!  Just think of the label possibilities! From the Carolinas to Texas, Tennessee to Florida, the South has it all, and then some.  Come and sit a spell.  Have some iced tea and crawdad grits.  Just enjoy a slower pace of life.   


Is he laughing, or about to CHOMP!  Okefenokee, Everglades, your backyard.  They're everywhere! 

What'll ya have?  T-bone, sirloin, filet, brisket?  

Palmetto forests under the live oaks draped in Spanish moss.  In the coastal fog, THIS is southern. 

Everyman on a tractor.  This is one farmer, and could be any farmer.  We work the land.

I love this weather vane--great for invites, letters, note cards, gifts.

Amazing detail on this little guy! We used to have no armadillos in Georgia--now they're all over.

Few things say the South like big truck or hot rod tires.

The furry bandit--be sure to put your cooler away, locked up tight.  And hide your wallet.