Saying “Thanks” to Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, and Others June 25 2014

Friends and family who participate in your wedding give their time, love, affection, and, often, money (for gowns, tuxes, accessories, etc.) to assist with the Big Day.  They become part of the fabric of your wedding and help build a beautiful memory for the rest of your marriage.  It is customary to give them one or more tokens of appreciation, small gifts to say “thank you.”  The challenge can be to find the right gift that is quite personal yet affordable for what might be a large number of people.  One great answer is to give them customized stamps, personal to either the individual or the event. 


For example, if a wedding has an ocean or beach theme, the stamp gift might be an image of a seahorse, mermaid, or other beautiful image that evokes memories of the special day but can be easily used for adding a classy touch to notecards, letters, and much more.  For individualized gifts, each gift stamp could be a monogram seal with each person’s own initials, or it could be an image of a favorite hobby like skiing or hiking (maybe a rustic boot print), flowers, trees, or animals.  One thoughtful idea is to give a custom stamp gift of a special quote, such as the words by Thoreau, “The language of friendship is not words but meanings,” or any other quote that expresses your friendship and appreciation—the stamp can then be used by them on letters and other items to continue spreading the goodwill and thoughtfulness born of your wedding day!  Here are just a sampling of custom stamp examples: