Branding Your Business-and Yourself!-with Custom Stamps June 25 2014

Branding—this is definitely a buzz word among businesses and marketers.  But the idea of branding is much broader than just business.  Let’s think about it for a moment.  We all have a desire to brand ourselves, to show publically what’s important to us.  We select designer clothes, or at least certain styles, for this purpose.  This drive affects the kind of haircut we get, or the type of jewelry or make-up we wear.  People get tattoos for the purpose of branding themselves, showing what’s important to them on their own skin in a permanent way.  The car we drive, the house we live in, the hobbies we pursue all tell who we are.  They tell our story and brand us, and we all make decisions based on not only who we are but how we want other people to understand us.  This is true for a business and it is true for an individual.


Personalized custom stamps help business brand themselves with their logos.  We provide thousands of these each year to businesses so they can mark their publications, their packaging, their products.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg!  We sell thousands more to customize special events such as weddings, birthday parties, and holidays.  Custom stamps are great for individualizing scrapbooks, photo albums, recipe books, and homemade gifts.  The sky’s the limit for using custom stampers to tell your story, for showing others who you are, and for celebrating those things most important to you.  You can help others do the same with gifts of custom stamps unique to their interests, hobbies, favorite quotes, or businesses. The examples below provide a small sampling of unique custom stamps: