The Lost (and Found) Art of Letter Writing, with Custom Stamps June 25 2014

In our high-tech world, ways to communicate electronically continue to expand at a dizzying rate.  Do you tweet?  How about Facebook or blog, maybe Instagram or Snapchat?  Have you tried Pinterest, Tumblr, or Reddit?  Almost certainly everyone reading this sends texts or emails.  The options for communicating through our technology, whether tablet, desk-top, or hand-held, are almost endless.  And yet . . .


And yet, none of these ways of communicating in the virtual world have yet replaced, or ever can replace, the intimate, personal beauty of the written letter.  Some people describe this as a “lost art,” but the reality is something quite different.  Writing a letter to someone is a deeply personal task, and it says many things that electronic communications cannot say.  For example, it says “I’ve taken time away from the distractions of computer and the hurrying world to think about you.”  It says “You are worth taking time to handwrite a thank you note, a letter, or a card for a special remembrance or friendship.”  It says “You are important enough to spend time, talent, and treasure on.” And there are still many people who value the beauty of the written letter or card, who embrace this lovely form of art.


You can add beauty, affection, and love to the lives of friends and family by becoming what might be an anomaly in their lives, the caring person who takes time to write thoughtful messages.  Here are a few tips to make this a meaningful practice:


  • Understand that thank you notes, well wishes, and get well messages hardly count when they are zipped out by email or text.  Those are quite evidently a rush job, almost an after-thought amidst the busy-ness of computer life.
  • Get a textured, high-quality linen paper or set of notecards that expresses your individuality and tells people immediately when they see the high-quality envelope, this is from you.
  • Carefully mark your calendar with special dates, occasions, and reminders, to help you be consistent with your thoughtful communications.
  • Get custom stamps that add a very personal hand-crafted look to your envelopes, letterhead, or notecards.  Stamps such as monogram seals, favorite quotes or animals, ocean or other nature designs, and old-fashioned images of things important to you (maybe a flower, perhaps a vintage car) can add whimsical touches and other interesting designs that clearly state, “From Me to You.”


Here are a few examples of how lovely custom stamps can add so much to your letter writing, note cards, or other gifts from you to loved ones:


So simple, yet so functional.

Love the detailed fins on this old fish.  How whimsical for note cards or letters.

An owl, a pig, a . . . cat?  Again, great whimsy.

Maybe a couple's seal for all-purpose uses.  Or just for an announcement of some sort!

Love the flower for note cards or letters!