Creatively Marking Menus and Recipes with Custom Rubber Stamps June 25 2014

Beef portion cow stamps, vintage vegetable images of every type, fruits from around the world, stylized chefs, comical quotes, and any other design idea can be readily turned into unique custom stamps for personalized labeling and marking on menus and recipes.  One of the most common activities we enjoy is eating—and cooking (or preparing) food!  We can’t have one without the other.  Whether you want to delight children in your kitchen or customize menus in your own eatery with a delightful hand-crafted look, custom stamps can bring just the right touch to add joy and delight to your culinary efforts!


  • Use as menu accents.
  • Old-fashioned stamps add a certain depth to menus or signs.
  • Mark recipe or dish name cards for display.
  • Careful use on walls, doors, or windows can add a delightful surprise.
  • Use these or custom stamps to personalize communications.
  • The options are endless!


Here are a few sample images:


Another of my favorite stamps, this hints at the tremendous possibilities with custom stamps.

This is a fabulous stamp of classic salt-and-pepper shakers!

And this is a great little salt chef--makes me smile!  :)

I love it!  This would look great on a menu.  Just a touch of gentle humor.

Somehow, this stamper imprint makes me hungry when I see it.

One example out of hundreds (thousands?) for tableware.  

Coffee--'nuff said.

Mushrooms make a really interesting accent image on letters, recipes, menus, or much more.

An old-fashioned produce truck.  Could be on its way to the farmer's market--or a menu!

Just looking at the juice dripping from this lemon can make me pucker up!