Greek Life: Celebrating Sororities and Fraternities with Customized Stamps June 25 2014

What would college life be without fraternities and sororities?  Greek life!  And it’s not that everyone is involved in that aspect of college.  Many students are not, but we become defined in part during college by whether or not we are part of Greek life.  And when we are in a sorority or a fraternity, we want to mark that membership in a variety of ways, from communications and correspondence to posters or signs advertising events. 


We understand how being part of a sorority or fraternity means celebrating who you are, your membership and inclusion with this group of friends for networking.  Our custom Greek stamps are perfect for communicating Greek life.  These can be used by an individual, given as gifts to pledges, kept on hand by the Greek house for labeling all sorts of items, from letters and notes to packages and posters. 


Take a look at the samples below already made.  These can be customized in any way desired, and we can create customized stamps for any fraternity or sorority.  Add names, addresses, sketches, House pictures, college names, web addresses, or any other information you want to use to personalize the Greek letters.