Custom Seals and Signs Help Us Personalize Our Communications and Lives! June 25 2014

Signs, signs everywhere a sign!  Those lyrics from an old rock song ring familiar for all of us.  We use signs in every aspect of life to communicate to others.  Here’s just a few ways we use signs and seals:


  • Family crests.
  • Seals to show authority, such as state seals, business seals, or company logo seals.
  • Signature seals.
  • Signs that give praise such as on a teacher’s paper (“Great work!”) or “I love you” seals on cards.
  • Seals impressed in wax to seal a letter (yes, an old practice, but oh-so-cool).
  • Stylized signs that show hobbies or recreational directions, such as “Curves Ahead,” “Do Not Enter,” “Double Diamond,” or images of skiers, surfers, flyers, or anything else.

 One of the great things about custom rubber stamps is that we can create any sign, any seal, or any image that we want to make for marking our communications.  Here’s just a small sampling:


Old-fashioned State of Georgia Seal--these can be made in any resolution from any state or company.


A 1799 Ag and Commerce Seal.  I'd call this collectible!


 OK, not really a seal, but definitely a sign--of my father's favorite hobby!  I can't think of anything he'd rather have to seal up letters than his very own chicken stamp!


What a great old seal!  Good smoke, fine fragrance!  All in the eye of the beholder (or sniffer).


Great example of a custom business seal!



And a crisp, classy monogram seal.


One of the best signs of all for sealing things important to you is a perfectly chosen quote that says what you need to say.  We have thousands of great quotes, saying it all.


Any symbol you want--they're all possible!