Personalized Stamps Make Unforgettable Stocking Stuffers June 25 2014

We love the tradition of Christmas stockings in our family!  From childhood to adulthood, every member of the family delights in putting together a stocking full of delightful surprises for loved ones.  Shopping for just the right items and putting together an amazing collection of small gifts is one of the great pleasures of the season—and watching family members unpack their stocking is a pure joy!  We like to take the stockings down from the mantle, get the fire going, open other gifts, then turn to the stockings for lots of laughs, fun surprises, and sometimes even tears of joy at the caring thought behind a gift.


One challenge is to find gifts that are small, but thoughtful.  Not cheap or throw-away, high quality but affordable so the stocking can come together in a meaningful way.  It can be especially challenging to find a personal item unique to the individual.  Custom stamps provide a great way to give a highly personal gift at a good price.  We hand-craft thousands of different designs, and we can take any design image you have and make a high quality custom stamp out of it.  Give custom stamper gifts that show hobbies, favorite quotes, business logos, family crests, baby footprints, and so much more!  Share your creative ideas with us!


Here are a few examples of custom stamps—and we can make any other image you want!