Temporary Tattoos with Custom Rubber Stamps June 25 2014

Body art tattoos have long been popular.  I remember as a child getting the small water color “tattoos” out of a Cracker Jack box and having a ball putting them on myself or on a friend (or sneaking it on my brother or sister).  The idea of the body, the skin, as a blank canvas for expressing oneself has gained great interest in the last couple of decades as tattoos have proliferated across the country and the world.  If you’re out of touch with this trend, just take a trip to the beach and see the countless variety of tattoos.  People ink themselves from the crown of the head to the soles of their feet with any number of designs.  People love to mark themselves with images, brands, or words important to them.


One challenge with traditional tattoos is that they are forever.  The body provides a canvas for creativity for many people, but a traditional tattoo becomes permanent, only removed through an expensive and painful process that still leaves scarring.  Custom stamps provide a great solution to this problem!  Custom stamps can be crafted from any design, image, or statement desired, and at just a fraction of the cost of a regular tattoo.  The stamps can then be used an endless number of times with different colors of “permanent” ink that can then either wear off or be scrubbed off when desired.  The skin then becomes a blank slate once again!  You do not become victim to changing tastes or regrettable decisions. 


These temporary stamp tattoos can be great fun at birthday parties, BBQs, swim meets, or other fun events. 


Our flexible polymer stamp dies can even be removed from the acrylic block handles so that they can easily conform in shape to the curve of an arm, a back, or other area of the body.  The designs below show a few examples, and because stamps can be customized from any image, the possibilities truly are endless!