Celebrating Dia Los Muertos with Custom Stamp Sugar Skulls June 25 2014

Dia Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is one of the most wide-spread and popular holidays around the world.  Celebrated by hundreds of millions worldwide, it is known by many different names in various countries, and is particularly popular in Mexico and Latin America.  While its most common permutations include Festival of the Dead and Feast of Ancestors, it is also known as Bon Festival (Japan), Ayamarca (Inca religion), Ghost Festival (Chinese and Buddhist celebrations), Finados (Brazil), Dia de los Natitas (Bolivia), and the Qingming or Tomb Sweeping Day Festival (also China).  Perhaps its most well-known variation in America is the Catholic All Soul’s Day.  These celebrations have in common that they are marked by fellowship, honoring ancestors and others who have passed, fascinating iconography, and feasts with unique and delicious foods.     


Similar to the sport of soccer (football, or futbol, in most places around the world), it has historically been relatively little known in the United States despite its world-wide prominence, but its popularity is growing!  With the increasing Hispanic population in the States and a growing cultural awareness, you can now find Dia Los Muertos celebrations featured prominently from Atlanta, Georgia to Los Angeles, California, and everywhere in between!  Because the holiday’s popular images include skeletal figures such as Catrina (a tall female skeleton decked out in flowers—particularly marigolds—and colorful dresses) and Calaveras (also called sugar skulls), it is too often misunderstood as a spooky holiday similar to Halloween.  This is far from the truth!


Dia Los Muertos is a time to honor the dead, to celebrate among the living the lives of loved ones who have passed and the lasting impact they have made on later generations.  What a lovely purpose!  One great way to celebrate the holiday is to decorate with Calaveras, the sugar skulls known for their intricate, fascinating designs.  These can be used in countless ways, such as place settings, gifts, candle holders—the options are endless!  We love being an active part of this dynamic holiday by offering a broad selection of Calaveras.  These include not only many varieties of human sugar skulls, but also stylized sugar skulls for lots of animals such as lions, foxes, cats, elephants, and more!  We can also create any custom sugar skull stamps, Catrina stamps, or other Dia Los Muertos icons from designs provided to us!  We can make any size up to 8x10 inches.  These Calaveras and custom stamps can be used for marking letters and notecards, decorating posters and signs, or temporary tattoos to show your spirit.  Ideas for use are endless!


Here is a sampling of some skulls, and we have many, many more:


Classic sugar skulls like this one work great--see the candle flames in the eyes!


And the variety really is endless.  See the difference with dark eyes and more white space!


Check these out!  Animal calaveras are incredibly cool and unique.


I think this cat design is particularly classy.


And the cobra is unforgettable!


Anything is possible--a far out tongue-wagging sugar skull!