Custom Stamps as Unique Gifts June 25 2014

Finding a thoughtful, unique, and affordable gift for a friend can be challenging!  Many things that are personal enough, like an inscribed piece of jewelry, are too pricy.  And many things that are affordable are cheap or cheesy.  One great way to give a special personal gift at a reasonable cost is with customized stamps that can be used for an almost endless variety of purposes.


Every person has special interests, whether a business, a hobby, or the special people in their life.  Custom rubber stamps provide a way to give them a uniquely personalized gift that celebrates their interests.  The polymer stamp-making process lets us create incredibly detailed stamps from virtually any design, including sketches, electronic design files, photographs, and other artwork.  Surprise your friend or family member with special custom stamps of their business logo, or one that recognizes their love for hiking, sewing, biking, or any other hobby.  Give them beautiful small stamps of favorite flowers to mark their note cards or inventive stamps for labeling kitchen products.


Everyone can use personalized stamps, address stamps, custom party stamps, or other custom rubber stamps.  Custom stamps can make great gifts, too, if a special event is coming up.  For example, they can support custom wedding ideas, serve as party favors, or thoughtful stocking stuffers.


The variety of custom stamps really is endless, limited only by your imagination.  Here’s just a sampling of possibilities:


Great for muslin bags for gifts!


Stylized stamps for hobbies like mountain biking, skiing, or anything else make great gifts!


Get creative--is the hobby sewing or knitting--make it fun!


Gotta say--I love these fishing lure stamps for the fishermen in our family! Very cool. (And we've got lots more.)


This one I love because my grandmother would love it.  She would use this on note cards & letters, I'm sure.