Southern States Rubber Stamps June 25 2014

I was born and raised here in Georgia.  The surrounding states have set the stage and context for my childhood, high school years, and now I'm wrapping up my college years here in Atlanta at Georgia Tech.  The last 22 years have been filled with lob-lolly pines, foggy creeks, misty country mornings, and walks under live oaks with hanging Spanish moss where time can't pass. That is the idyllic southern charm I know and love.  Now for a touch of reality!  I still sit in gridlock traffic many days going to school, pick up litter strewn by passersby on my road, and wince when I see graffiti pop up in my small southern town. 

That is the juxtaposition of the South's duality.  It's a land full of natural beauty & wealth, while at the same time stricken with poverty and misdirection.  It's an intriguing place to live.  These southern states are lovely while imperfect, charming yet saddening.  These states are my home sweet home.  I have loved being a part of life down here, and I'm right where I belong.

I was inspired to make some designs of these lovely southern states, and you can see them as stamps below.  Let me know what you think!  Just shoot me an email if you'd like to have one for yourself, I'm happy to place the star or heart over your city!