Design Your Own Stamp June 22 2014

Ever wanted to design your very own rubber stamp?  We can help you do that!

We're a family company that manufactures clear acrylic stamps, classic wooden stamps, and glass domed stamps.  We take our clients designs, and turn them into high quality, durable polymer rubber stamps that can be used hundreds of thousands of time for countless applications.  Our clients use our stamps for wedding invites, business cards, company seals, packaging, food labels, pottery, and plenty of other things.  We've built stamps for photographers, worm farmers, interior designers, graphic illustrators and surfers - just to name a few.

We charge anywhere from $20 - $120 for the stamps we produce.  They're affordable, rock solid, and as a family business we put our utmost care into each product we create and deliver.  Simply email us your stamp design at   If you need help with the design - we can help you design your stamp!  We love meeting new people from around the world with varied backgrounds, and we hope to help you with any stamps you might need created.

Check out some examples of our work below!


Our Wooden Handled Stamps


One of our Stock Designs of a Fish Rubber Stamp


A sampling of our Clear Acrylic Stamps


Our Glass Bubble Stamps


Our Stamps of Southern States  (we can move the heart over your city if you like!)


Hi there, I'm Kem - the fellow writing what you're reading.  And the fellow making your stamps!



That's all for now, have an awesome day!   


- Kem