DIY Wedding Invites with Rubber Stamps June 21 2014

Rubber stamps are an excellent way to create your own wedding invites, and save a few hundred dollars to boot!

Simply send us your wedding invite designs, and we'll create the right stamp for you!   We've made 5x7 inch wedding invite stamps, 3x4 inch, and just about any other size you need.  Our large wedding invite stamps usually cost $80-$100.  Once you've purchased blank cards, a custom stamp, and ink - you've only spent a fraction of the amount needed for printed invites.  Printed wedding invites can often run from $300 - $1200 depending on how intricate you need them to be.


Hand stamped wedding invites are personal, because you make each one!   They also have a lovely rustic feel that you just can't get from a printer.  We hope to help you with your wedding invite stamps!

Click here to get started making some wedding invite stamps with us!